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MYRANDAS unveil their debut Spanish single "Cuando Te Vi"

On July 28th, the Cuban-American act MYRANDAS will unveil their debut Spanish single 'Cuando Te Vi.' Known for their rebellious rock songs, the band embarks on a journey of rediscovering their musical identity and embracing Latin Urban culture in their latest release. Inspired by LA's vibrant and diverse spirit, MYRANDAS reconnected with their Caribbean roots and crafted a perfect summer anthem. 'Cuando Te Vi' seamlessly blends Latin grooves, infectious guitar riffs, and catchy vocal melodies, offering a fresh and unique perspective on the Urbano genre. Adding a touch of humor, the lyrics depict the pursuit of the American dream intertwined with finding unexpected love in the unpredictable city of LA. When speaking more about 'Cuando Te Vi,' the duo explained, "It's a song that captures the special connection and energy we feel when experiencing something for the first time. It embodies the irresistible joy that comes with it."

The new single showcases the band's artistic versatility and passion for pushing musical boundaries. Initially, MYRANDAS built their fanbase as a rock band, shedding light on the situation in Cuba through music. It conveyed their experiences of living on the island and relocating to the US, as well as addressed various social issues. However, emerging from the pandemic, the band decided to venture into Latin music, creating uplifting songs that inspire people to dance. With a project born in Havana and brought to life by the trilingual vocalist Kristina Miranda and Cuban guitarist/ Grammy-winning engineer Marciel Miranda, MYRANDAS' exploration of Latin culture represents a natural evolution in their artistic journey. Drawing inspiration from renowned artists like Rosalía, Bomba Estéreo, and Bad Bunny, the band unveiled their fresh, innovative sound to the audiences at NextFest at the LA County Fair 2022. Since then, MYRANDAS have performed as a trio alongside Cuban-Puerto Rican percussionist Richard Herrera at popular tropical, dance, and Afro-Latin music events, including Subsuelo and La Junta. MYRANDAS are excited to continue their musical journey with upcoming releases and plan to expand their reach globally. They are determined to make a lasting impact on the Latin Urban music scene and are definitely the ones to keep an eye on.


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