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MYRANDAS is a Latin Urban band based in Los Angeles, created in Havana by Armenian singer Kristina Miranda and Cuban guitarist/ Grammy-winning engineer Marciel Miranda. The duo began as a rock project, gaining a devoted fan base. However, in 2022, they embarked on a journey of rediscovering their musical identity and embracing Caribbean culture in their music. The band blends Latin grooves, catchy guitar riffs, pop and electronic music elements, offering a fresh perspective on the Urbano genre. The current lineup includes Cuban-Puerto Rican percussionist Richard Herrera.


The story of MYRANDAS started in 2009 when Kristina arrived in Cuba to record her solo album. At the recording studio, she crossed paths with Marciel, and their encounter sparked both a creative partnership and a love story. In 2010, Kristina left her hometown in Moscow, Russia, to join forces with Marciel in Havana, forming the core of their musical project. By the end of 2015, the band began attracting media attention and earned opportunities to perform at notable events like the Havana World Music Festival. Their music also garnered them a nomination for Best Rock Band of Cuba at the "Cuerda Viva" Awards.


In 2016, MYRANDAS decided to take their music overseas, settling in the city of Los Angeles. Their debut show took place at the Last Frame of Sand movie fundraiser, where they opened for Stanley Clarke. Over the following years, they performed at renowned LA venues and participated in local festivals, including Echo Park Rising and Mar Vista Music & Art Walk.


In 2020, the couple started to bring awareness to the situation in Cuba through their music. In December, the duo released their single "90 Miles," mixed by Grammy-winning producer Jacquire King. The song referenced the distance between the US and Cuba, reflecting the strained political relations between the two countries. In July of 2021, they released “Home” to shine more light on the situation on the island. The song featured the remarkable talents of Matt Bissonette (Elton John, Ringo Starr) and Christian Paschall (Maren Morris, David Crowder).


Previously known for their rebellious rock songs, MYRANDAS (aka High Grass) received recognition in publications like Rolling Stone and Buzzbands LA, while also gaining support from Planet Rock, Maxim Rock radio stations, and many more.


Inspired by artists like Rosalía, Bomba Estéreo, and Bad Bunny, the band introduced their new sound to audiences at NextFest at the LA County Fair in 2022. Alongside Cuban-Puerto Rican percussionist Richard Herrera, MYRANDAS performed as a trio at popular tropical, dance, and Afro-Latin music events, including the renowned Subsuelo Sundays and La Junta.

In 2023 MYRANDAS' started releasing their Latin music. The band has received support globally from publications such as Remezcla, Hola! USA, Lefuturewave, Voyage LA, and more. The year 2024 began with their new single, ‘Cuentale,’ becoming one of the main soundtracks for the Cuban telenovela ‘Viceversa,’ solidifying the band's presence in the Latin music scene.

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