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MYRANDAS share the vibrant 'Con Una Flor' music video

On November 17th, the LA-based Latin Urban band MYRANDAS is set to captivate audiences once again. After celebrating their brand new single, 'Con Una Flor,' at the Dia De Los Muertos Festival, the band is releasing a music video for the track. 'Con Una Flor' follows the band’s Spanish debut, 'Cuando Te Vi,' and pushes the boundaries of their new sound even further.

Originally founded in Havana by the trilingual vocalist Kristina Miranda and Cuban musician/Grammy-winning engineer Marciel Miranda, the band continue to redefine their sound, exploring the Urbano genre. This love-infused track effortlessly merges trap rhythmic elements with Latin pop, laced with indie rock, and brings a unique music experience to listeners.

The evolution of MYRANDAS is palpable in this release. Building upon the success of their single 'Cuando Te Vi,' which garnered support from notable publications such as Lefuturewave, Roadie Music, and Bravo Revista, the band demonstrate their commitment to innovation with “Con Una Flor.” This single marks a pivotal moment for the project, as Marciel (guitarist/music producer) lends his vocals for the first time in this release, unlocking new creative possibilities.

When speaking more on "Con Una Flor," Kristina explained: We named the song based on the lyrics "Por ti yo voy a la luna y volvería con una flor" (For you, I would go to the moon and return with a flower."). We wanted to capture the essence of a love so powerful that it dares to dream the impossible. We threw both of our voices into the mix – to add that playful and heartfelt emotion, and this little experiment has opened a whole new path to uncharted artistic territories for our band!”

In support of the single, the band has created a music video. The captivating voices of Kristina and Marciel along with fresh instrumentation create a vibrant and emotional performance that was captured on camera by Adan Alonso. The lyrics of the song and the visuals will immerse the listener further into the romantic atmosphere of the track. Their performance, alongside Cuban-Puerto Rican percussionist Richard Herrera, offers a distinct take on the urbano genre. Unlike the solo artist approach, MYRANDAS' dynamic rendition adds a distinct flavor through their band representation.

With their Spanish debut, ‘Cuando Te Vi,’ the band took the first steps into embracing Urbano culture in their music. With “Con Una Flor,” MYRANDAS prove that they are determined to make a lasting impact in the Latin scene.


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