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High Grass Long for Home In Their New Single “90 Miles"

On December 11, Cuban alternative rock band High Grass shares a music video for their new single, “90 Miles.” Referencing the distance between Key West, Florida, USA, and Cuba, the song reflects the strained political relationship between the two countries. “Its title symbolizes freedom for some and an insurmountable distance for others,” according to lead singer Kristina Miranda. The release follows the band’s recent EP, The Black Door and represents a transition for the band—and also marks the start of a new chapter in their career.

High Grass, now based in LA, fortifies emotional connections to their home on “90 Miles.” Capturing listeners’ imagination from the outset, the track opens with gentle melodies like a calm sea, then the storm hits: driving guitars and percussion come crashing in behind the lead singer’s mesmerizing vocals. “90 Miles” is meant for anyone who is far away from their friends and family. The new single was mixed by multi-Grammy Award-winning engineer Jacquire King (Kings of Leon, Norah Jones, Cold War Kids), who frst saw potential in the band.

When speaking more on “90 Miles”, Kristina explained

“We wanted to shine some light on the situation in Cuba to show the world what is happening. During these hard times, I feel the song may resonate not only with Cuban people, but with anyone who is currently far apart from their loved ones. We want them to know they are not alone.”

The music video for the track was also recorded before the band officially relocated to the US, and it represents their spiritual connection to their previous home. Between live shots of High Grass performing near the famed Havana lighthouse, their projections come to life as if beamed directly from El Morro Fortress. It is a living memory of the band’s first chapter, and with the release of “90 Miles,” High Grass is ready to move on to whatever may come next.

“90 Miles” credits: Written and Produced by Kristina Miranda & Marciel Miranda Mixed by Jacquire King Vocals by Kristina Miranda Guitars by Marciel Miranda Bass by Daryl Vaillant Drums by Marlon Yamian Marrero Avaló Mastered by Marciel Miranda Artwork by The Real Theory

Video credits Directed by Marcos Louit & Kristina Miranda Cinematography by Alain López Color correction by David Asambadze


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