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EP 'Someday' is out now!

On August 26th, the Cuban duo shares their last EP as High Grass and announces a massive change for the project.

The band began its journey back in Havana over a decade ago. Created by Cuban guitarist / Grammy-nominated engineer Marciel Miranda and Russian-born Armenian singer Kristina Miranda, the duo built their fanbase as a rock band. Known for its rebel music, High Grass was featured in Rolling Stone and Buzzbands LA, among others, and supported by Planet Rock, Maxim Rock radio stations, and many more.

2022 marks a new chapter for the band and brings a big surprise to their listeners... Kristina explained, "As our project is going through an exciting transformation, we decided to share a very special EP, ‘Someday.’ It is a compilation of alt-rock songs we've written and recorded throughout our music journey, collaborating with amazing artists back in Cuba and in the US. This EP closes an important chapter for our band. And from now on, our releases will be under the new name Myrandas. It is truly the beginning of a new era for us!"

Track 'Someday', after which the EP was named, is a testament to the band's transition, with lyrics like: "Let us break all rules someday." What comes next may be unexpected, but the anticipation feels so much better when you have the new EP to enjoy while you wait.

Listeners will find a lot of collaborations on this record. It includes notable industry names like Christian Paschall (Maren Morris, David Crowder), Matt Linesch (Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Dave Mason), and other talented artists.

When speaking more about their record, Myrandas said, "Our EP touches different topics related to our experiences living in Cuba and the US. It is about love, betrayal, hope, struggle, letting things go, and having fun. We had a great time writing these songs and are excited to share them with everyone."


Written and Produced by Kristina Miranda & Marciel Miranda

Vocals by Kristina Miranda Guitars by Marciel Miranda Bass by Jefry Lozano (“Stone”), Daryl Vaillant (“I Say”, “Someday”) , Marciel Miranda (“Dancing On The Floor”, “Falling”) Drums by Christian Paschall (“Stone”), Adam Ponce (“Falling”, “Dancing On The Floor”), Marlon Yamian Marrero Avalo (“I Say”, “Someday”)

Mixed by Christian Paschall (“I Say”), Matt Linesch (“Dancing On The Floor”, “Stone”), Jake Carmona (“Falling”, “Someday”) Mastered by Marciel Miranda


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