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MYRANDAS Unveil ‘CUENTALE’: A New Single Taking Over TV Screens

On January 12th, the Latin urban band MYRANDAS returns with their electrifying new single, 'Cuéntale.' This sensual track is a fusion of Caribbean grooves and electronic chill vibes and brings a refreshing experience not only to listeners but also to the viewers of the telenovela ‘Viceversa’ that premiered on Cuban television in December.

Written by a trilingual singer of Armenian origin, Kristina Miranda, and produced by Cuban guitarist/Grammy award-winning engineer Marciel Miranda, the new song has become one of the main soundtracks of the anticipated telenovela directed by Loisys Inclán. Selected by the music supervisor and composer Ernesto Blanco, 'Cuéntale' now echoes in the homes of millions every week, marking an exciting milestone for the track. This playful single about temptation and passion supports one of the storylines.

After receiving support from publications such as Hola! USA, Lefuturewave, Voyage LA, End Sessions, and Freim TV for their previous release, ‘Con Una Flor,’ the band wanted to explore their new sound further. Steering clear of repetition, MYRANDAS prove that they have much more in store for the audience with ‘Cuéntale’.

Talking about their new single, MYRANDAS revealed that they plan to release their debut Latin album later this year: "When we recorded 'Cuentale,' we knew we wanted to give listeners a full experience and release an album. All of our new songs sound different, but they still have an undeniable connection and are part of the same journey. We couldn't be happier with where it's taken us so far. 

Performing as a trio with Cuban-Puerto Rican percussionist Richard Herrera, MYRANDAS offer a different perspective on the genre through their live performance. The band's representation of Urbano music, rather than a solo artist approach, adds a unique flavor to their show. This May, you can catch the band at the Unidos en La Musica Festival, opening for Fonseca, and at LA's largest indie music festival, NextFest.

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